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Framing Guide

Your Fine Art Print needs the finishing touch!

Gallery wall image


Choosing a Frame

Depending on the style you are going for depends on the frame.

Slim black frames give a modern effortless look; perfect to add to an already busy gallery wall, whilst a Gold Antique style frame can emphasise the vintage influence and create a bold timeless statement.

Mix and match frames for true maximalist impact or keep all your frames the same colour and style on the wall for a more minimalist approach.

Go Local!
Transporting prints in frames is a delicate task.

I recommend using your local framer. Not only is it more environmentally efficient, as well as supporting local business, but safer with less chance of smashed or broken pieces! Getting your piece framed professionally will make your art last a lifetime. Googling "framer near me" will no doubt show some great local businesses.

A couple of recommendations:

Nottingham Framer

Ashworth and Thompson

Paramount Picture Framer

London Framer

Wimbledon Studio Frames

Derbyshire Framer


Most of our prints be designed to the edges for maximum impact or will a slim border. Therefore, designed not to need a mount. If you have a dark ground print I would also always recommend non-reflective glazing - to get the best visibility possible. If you would like a mount for your print, I recommend approx 2 cm around the print for a timeless impactful style.

Framing on a budget
I can also recommend:

Frames.co.ukThey are manufactured in the UK, deliver to UK and Europe and have great customer service.

Poster Store A Swedish based company - perfect for European customers.

I would love to see how you frame your new Art Print, so please share by tagging me @Olivia.victoria.design on instagram.

I may share on stories, posts or the gallery inspiration page (coming soon).